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Choosing Vape Flavors and Vape Juice?

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While choosing the right vape juice and flavor can seem simple on the surface, practically, it is not that easy. With thousands of different vape liquids and flavors and hundreds of e-liquid and vape brands, it can sometimes seem impossible to choose a flavor and e-liquid that you will truly love and enjoy.

Whether you prefer disposable vapes or pods, the first thing to keep in mind when buying e-liquid is the flavor. The good news is that e-liquids and juices come in almost any flavor, such as fruity, cocktails, food, and tobacco blends.

You may know that new users usually choose tobacco blends that match the flavor and taste of their favorite cigarette brands. You will also find mixed blends, where different fruits, tobacco and food flavors are mixed in order to create new, tasty, and exotic flavors.

Consider the Kind of Vape Flavors You Enjoy

When choosing the best vape juice flavor for your needs, the options are almost endless. However, you'll have to narrow it down. You should consider what sort of flavors you gravitate towards. Do you prefer nostalgic classic flavors or new blends?

You should also consider the different PG/VG ratios and many nicotine-level options when choosing the right flavor and blend.

How to Decide the Right Nicotine Strength

If you only smoke a single cigarette in a day, think about choosing an e-liquid or juice with 3mg of nicotine. The nicotine strength should be 6mg if you smoke less than 10 cigarettes daily. You can also choose e liquids without any nicotine.

Find a Reliable E-liquid Manufacturer

If you are still having trouble deciding which e-liquids to try, our next piece of advice is to focus your search by selecting an e-liquid producer who offers a variety of premium vape juices and then experimenting with a variety of their flavors. Once you have found a brand that you prefer and trust, you may sample a few of their best flavors to find your favorites. 

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