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A Brief History of Vaping

hassan munir

Vaping is so popular and common nowadays that it's easy to forget or overlook that vaping has just been in mainstream culture for around 20 years. Despite its meteoric rise, many people are not fully aware of the history of vaping, who invented vaping, or where it first took root.

Disposable vapes and pens have been around since the earliest days of vaping. You should know that they were the first commercially manufactured vaping products that made up most of the vape market from 2010 to 2012. Disposable vape devices were originally called "cigalikes," designed and made to look and feel as close to cigarettes as possible.

Who Invented Vaping?

While there are2 possible answers, both are actually right. The first individual who made a vape device was Herbert Gilbert. Note that Gilbert was searching for an alternative to traditional smoking in 1963 when conventional smoking was popular. After graduating from business school, Herbert started working in his father's junkyard in Pennsylvania.

The First E-Cigarette Design

Being aware of the health risks of tobacco smoking, in 1963, Herbert Gilbert formally filed a patent for an electronic smoking device. Unfortunately for Herbert, his idea was before its time, and there was no viable market for his device.

And like many forward thinkers, he was not able to find a manufacturing partner in order to mass-produce this patented vape device. He initially intended to market this vape device as a smoking cessation solution and created 10 flavors, including rum, mint, and cinnamon.

The Evolution of Vaping

There is no doubt that vaping has come a long way since Gilbert created his first flavored juices. Keep in mind that Lik introduced the first modern vape. It is pleasing to see that vape devices have evolved from straightforward, draw-fire vapes to powerful and large batteries capable of producing huge and dense vapor at once.

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