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Can I Vape on a Cruise?

hassan munir

Today, using e-liquid disposable vapes on a cruise ship is regulated. Usually, people need to follow the same rules and laws as smoking. But understand that most cruise ships don’t have a dedicated space for vaping. Fortunately, you can vape in the same areas as general smoking areas.

What are the Current Rules for Vaping on a Cruise?

Currently, some cruises are in the process of designating separate areas to vape. But major cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Carnival follow state-sanctioned rules. You may have to pay a small fee to vape on some cruise ships. As vaping gets more mainstream, cruise ships are changing the policies that would likely fall under the same umbrella as smoking rules.  

Pack Your E-Liquids and Vape Gear on the Cruise

If you’re not aware of a cruise ship’s policy and ended up vaping in a restricted area, chances are you may have to pay a fine. Your approach should be to master how you pack your e-liquids and vape gear on cruise lines. For starters, make sure to disconnect your vape’s battery.

Now, there is a good chance you might not get the chance to charge your device, and that means taking a spare. If you cannot disassemble the battery, turn off the power button to avoid accidents. Put your vape gear and e-liquid in a single box rather than move them around in luggage, causing damage.

Use a solid carrying so that e-liquid and disposable vapes are not damaged at all. For e-liquids, only pack the amount you plan to consume throughout the trip. Store your e-liquid in a plastic bottle, and make sure this plastic bottle is stored in a zippered plastic bag.

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