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Best Vaping Tricks in 2022

hassan munir

The best vaping tricks are the ones that are easiest to perform. Knowing these tricks can help enhance your vaping experience and make it more enjoyable. Below are vape smoke tricks that are easy to learn yet look advanced to other members. 


The dragon is the first smoke trick you can perform with a vape device. In this, you must first inhale and blow the smoke out your nose and mouth. To perform this smoke trick in a way the smoke comes out in different directions, you must put your top lip to your bottom lip. Once you do that, you can practice and perform it until you have mastered it.

French Inhale

This is one of the most famous vaping tricks and, to this day, a go-to vaping trick for veteran smokers. Many vape users already know how to perform this trick, which looks incredibly cool. To learn this vape trick, you must first know how to breathe in from your nose as you blow the smoke out. When doing the French inhale, you cannot inhale a large cloud of smoke from the vape mod. For this reason, taking shorter drags and smaller inhales is best.

Ghost Inhale

This is another easy smoke trick, requiring you to exhale a little smoke and then inhale it back inside. As the French inhale, you must ensure that you are not blowing out a large cloud of smoke doing this vape trick. Remember that you are putting out enough smoke to inhale back inside.

As you can see, even some of the best vaping tricks are the easiest to perform. Start investing in good vape products if you want to practice smoke tricks. Contact Vape & Smoke to get the best vaping devices on the market.