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Vaper’s Cough: 3 Probable Causes

hassan munir

The vapors cough is often a cause of concern for vape users. However, there are many reasons why vaper makes you cough. Today, we will discuss the three probable causes of the vaper’s cough. The first cause refers to a natural response of your lungs when inhaling foreign substances.

Bodily Response

The more you smoke, the more mucous builds up on the respiratory tract, paralyzing the cilia and the little hairs inside your lungs. The hairs inside your lungs filter out any foreign substances entering the body. The more you smoke a cigarette, the more mucous builds up, paralyzing the response. It builds up more mucous and tar on your respiratory tract.

When you vape, you must realize that there are very few toxicants in the vapor. This means they are making their way to the hairs and activating them again. Hence, this makes you cough. Hospitals use PG, one of the ingredients inside the vape juice, to clean the air. This could be cleaning the mucous and making its way through it to wake up the hair again.

PG intolerance

This is another reason why people cough after they vape. For some people, PG is intolerable to their bodies. This intolerance makes the individuals cough when they vape. It may also cause them to wake up with a dry and scratchy throat. One of the solutions to this problem would be to pick a vape juice with a higher VG ratio.

Big Quick Drags

When drawing from a vape device for the first time, you must get accustomed to handling a cloud of smoke. If you draw too fast, too early, then there is a good chance that you’ll cough simply because you are overwhelmed by the throat hit or smoke.

As you can see, the three probable causes of a vaper’s cough are easily preventable and treatable. Find the best vape products at Vape & Smoke.