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Simple First-Time Vaping Guide for Non-Smokers

hassan munir

For first-time vaping, it is important for you to strictly follow the particular steps for vaping. It is recommended that you check the manual which comes with the vaping device to ensure that your experience goes well. Overall, ensuring that your vaping experience is good is critical, as it wall define whether you will indulge in vaping in the future.

Set Up the Vape Device

Setting up the vape device is very easy and self-explanatory. Make sure that you connect all the components and then move on to filling the flavor. Also do not overfill, and ensure that you do not drop the juice down the chimney.

Once you have filled up the flavor and connected the vape device back together, leave the device for about 10 minutes. This allows the device to have long enough time for the liquid to soak into the coil and avoid a dry hit. When there is less amount of liquid in the cotton, then vaping the device will burn some of the wicking.


If you have a device that provides an auto-draw option, then you do not have to hold a button when you inhale. However, if your device has a button-press system, then you have use a button. Most vaping devices also require you to click the button five times quickly for them to turn on.

Once you have the vape device turned on, you need to careful of the power you set it too. Make sure that you go down to the lowest possible wattage, and then increase it by a few watts each time you take a hit. New smokers should not go too high on the power unless they are comfortable with the vape smoke.

Find a comfortable power, and then stick to it for lasting vaping pleasure. Also keep in mind to keep your drags small in the beginning and move on to large inhales once you have become comfortable with the vape smoke. To find the best vape products and kick start your vaping journey, visit Vapes & Smokes.