JUUL Basic Kit


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JUUL Basic Kit

Are you trying to finally break free of your smoking habit? The JUUL Starter Kit will give you everything you need to start vaping and give up cigarettes once and for all.
This kit comes with JUULs easy-to-use electronic cigarette, which features a rechargeable battery, as well as a USB cable for charging. Just connect the USB charger to the device, plug into a USB port, and when the device is fully charged, you’re ready to start vaping! The JUUL device is compatible with all JUUL Pods, which contain 0.7ml of JUULs e-liquid nicotine salt, including 5% nicotine by weight. The pods are available in a wide range of flavors, including sultry Creme Brulee, Virginia Tobaccorefreshing Cool Mint, and sweet Fruit Medley. Simply pop the lid off of the electronic cigarette, insert a JUUL pod in your preferred flavor, and you’re ready to start vaping. There’s no confusing buttons to push or switches to turn on; just take a pull on the device and get ready to experience unparalleled flavor the incredible rush of nicotine.
It’s clean and easy to maintain, with no drips, leaks, and spills. The e-cigarette creates no smoke or odors. Never worry about fumbling with matches, lighters, and ashes ever again.
Juul pods contain 5 percent nicotine salt from real tobacco leaves, giving you the satisfaction you want with a sleek design as close to a real cigarette as you can get. 
Order the JUUL to get started and make the switch today.
 One Rechargeable JUUL device and USB charger. 




  • 1 rechargeable JUUL device
  • A USB charger
  • One year limited warranty on the device
  • JUUL Pods Not Included