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What is TFN E-Liquid?

hassan munir

With the growth and increasing popularity of vape products, Tobacco Free Nicotine, also known as TFN e-liquid, has been in the news. Many people are still wondering if it is a viable and suitable option and what are the benefits of using TFN. Could TFN be the future of vape juice?

You should know that TFN is commonly used in e-juices. And understanding how TFN can be a better alternative for you and what TFN is, is important to make the right choice.

What is TFN?

Tobacco-free nicotine is a type of nicotine that's made in a laboratory. In other words, it is not extracted from tobacco plants. You can also call it synthetic nicotine. In the past, most of the nicotine in vape juices and e-liquids was made by extracting the nicotine from various plants.

However, scientists made a breakthrough and have constructed tobacco-free nicotine on a micro molecular scale. This is important as it allows them to develop the nicotine molecule in the lab without using the leaf or any other part of tobacco.

Note that TFN is a safe alternative to naturally harvested nicotine. This is because TFN e-liquids now use tobacco-free nicotine.

The Key Benefits of Tobacco-Free Nicotine

TFN does not contain many of the impurities that traditional tobacco-derived nicotine contains. In some cases, these impurities could include kerosene, which is used to extract nicotine.

Although these tobacco impurities, such as kerosene, can be kept at lower levels, they are still a threat to vape users' overall health and well-being.

With TFN, you do not need to worry about any impurities or chemicals from a tobacco plant ruining your nicotine taste. Another benefit is that TFN is virtually odorless and tasteless. As a result, it provides a purer flavor, and there is no need for added sweeteners and artificial flavors.

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