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How to Fix a Disposable Vape?

hassan munir

Disposable vapes are designed and built for convenience. This often makes a broken or improperly functioning vape device all the more frustrating. Returning a vape pen is not always convenient, and you may look for simple fixes you can do on your own.

If you are using a disposable vape pen for the first time and having problems, we will walk you through common disposable vape pen issues and problems and how to fix them.

No Hits

Note that getting no hits from a disposable vape is one of the most commonly reported problems. Most people report not being able to get any vapor. However, don’t worry, as several solutions could fix this problem:

Check Fluid Level

If the disposable vape pen is not producing vapor, you should check the fluid level. You should know that many vaporizers come with a window. This allows you to see how much liquid remains. If there isn’t any oil in the window, you should toss the pen.

Tap the Device

 If you use a draw-activated disposable pen, the airflow sensor may be obstructed by condensation. In this case, you can vape with any one of your fingers around one of its inlet vents. As this increases the airflow pressure, it may get the sensors up and running again.

What about Burnt Taste?

There is no doubt that flavor matters. And burnt-tasting vapor is a common sign that something isn’t quite right. Keep in mind that a common reason for burnt-tasting vapor is temperature settings that are usually too high for the concentrates.

You can use a lower-temperature vape pen that prevents burnt taste, creating a richer and fuller flavor you will like.

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