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Frequently Asked Questions About STLTH

hassan munir

If you vape frequently, you must have heard of STLTH closed pod systems. These are some of the most popular and reliable products on the market. These compact and stylish, simple-to-use vape devices show why closed pod systems are rapidly becoming a staple of the modern vape industry.  

However, if you are considering using this device, you may have many questions. Can I refill the pods? How long do they last? Let’s find out.

Can you refill an STLTH pod?

You are not supposed to refill STLTH pods since it is a closed vape system. Technically you can refill it, but these pods are sold in the market as single-use items.

Refilling will likely lead to an inferior vaping experience, which you don’t want. Tampering with the pods may compromise the quality of the product as well.

Is it safe to open STLTH pods?

The short and simple answer is no. With a lot of effort, you may be able to open and refill your pod satisfactorily. But it is much easier and safer just to buy a new one.

How long do STLTH Vapes normally take to charge?

You should know that STLTH pens have an impressive battery capacity of about 420 mAh. It should ideally take just over one hour in order to charge the battery completely using a standard 0.5A charger.

How long do STLTH pods last?

Usually, STLTH pods will last 2 to 5 days. However, to ensure optimal freshness, the company recommends that you finish or replace your vape pod within 36 hours.

How many puffs are in one STLTH pod?

You can enjoy about 200 puffs with each STLTH vape device.

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