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Disposable Vape Blinking: How can I Fix It?

hassan munir

Why Is Your Disposable Blinking?

If your disposable vapes or pen is blinking, it means that the device is either low on e-liquid, low on battery, or both. And if you notice your vape flashing, you should discard it and buy a new one. For example, many users’ comments indicate that some customers’ Puff Bar disposable blinks blue light either before or during use. As it’s a disposable device, you may think it is because it was used up, so you may replace it with a brand new one.

You probably know that a disposable vape pen comes prefilled and is a precharge device ready to be used straight from the packet. Note that depending on the disposable vape brand you choose, your vape device can last between about 300 and 800 puffs.

Reasons for Blinking

If your disposable vape device is blinking, your device’s battery is likely dead, or the battery has run out of juice. In many cases, you will know that your vape device is almost at the end of its life. This is because it will start losing its flavor, or the vapor clouds will get less dense or smaller.

Note that if the battery is not completely dead, it is likely that you will get a couple of extra hits out of your blinking vape if you put your device down for a while and try to use it again later.

Check if Your Vape Device Starts to Blink After Some Use

You should think back to your last vaping session. Did the vape device start blinking or flashing as soon as you took the first draw? Perhaps, the device started blinking after a couple of deep hits.

 Keep in mind that if you have been taking long hits, your vape device may be overheating. In this case, set it aside and then let it cool down before trying again. After that, take shorter hits and frequent breaks in between every session.

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