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Can You Vape without Nicotine?

hassan munir

Selecting your nicotine dosage or strength is one benefit of having a vaporizer. Keep in mind that this also includes choosing if you would like zero nicotine as an option. We often associate vaping with former smokers.

However, it is not just about nicotine. This is because many people enjoy vaping for the sheer joy and pleasure of sampling amazing flavors, making huge, billowy clouds, and building kits.

Many people begin vaping in order to gradually wean off nicotine until they reach zero. They use vapes to quit smoking and overcome their addiction to harmful nicotine. You will be pleased to know that most medical experts and researchers now think e-cigarettes are much safer than their conventional tobacco counterparts.

Is It Safe to Vape Without Nicotine?

The good news is that it is 100 percent safe to vape without nicotine. And if you have never smoked, you should stay away from nicotine and just enjoy vaping without its harmful effects. If you want to enjoy clouds, amazing flavor, and the relaxing and cool sensation of warm vapor, a non-nicotine vape is an excellent choice. 

What Can You Vape?

You may wonder what you may vape without nicotine. There is no need to worry as you can enjoy great flavor and powerful clouds in a nicotine-free vape.

You may also decide to use both non-nicotine and nicotine juice. Here are a few good reasons to choose non-nicotine vapes.

Food Grade Ingredients

The ingredients in nicotine-less vape are mostly food-grade. You may worry about spills or bottles of nicotine liquid getting into the wrong hands. However, with zero nicotine e-juice, there’s no risk. And some former smokers who have switched to vaping have managed to cut nicotine entirely.


You should know that nicotine is an optional ingredient and it is an additive to vapes. However, there isn’t any addictive substance in a vape with zero mg nicotine e-juice.

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