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Can Disposable Vapes Go Bad? Common Signs of an Expired E-Juice

hassan munir

Yes, an e-liquid can expire. You can check the expiration date on the packaging. It is normal to get excited about vape juice, but sometimes people end up buying more than they can consume. When storing e-juices, understand that they have an expiration date like any other product.

Common Signs When E-Juice Vape Expires

Here are the signs that can help you figure out whether or not a disposable vape has gone bad:

ÆChange in Color

Like any other solution-based product, e-liquid or e-juice get darker over time. When infused with nicotine, it makes it easier to spot dark tones that hint that the disposable vape is probably expired and not fit to consume. It is the oxidation that makes vape juice and nicotine form dark color. In short, if you see vape e-juice form a yellow or brown color, replace it.

ÆSeparation of Ingredients

It is one of the common signs to determine whether or not a disposable vape is expired. Typically, the separation process is normal, and packages usually recommend to shake well before use. But if the substances are separate even after shaking, assume that the e-juice vape is too old to consume.

ÆRunnier and Thicker Solution

One common sign of an expired vape e-juice is that it becomes thicker and runnier than normal. Remember, if you continue to vape thicker and runnier e-juice, it breaks coils and creates a leak. Similarly, if you notice that the nicotine content is reduced in vape e-juice, assume it has been degraded and is no longer safe to consume.

ÆUnpleasant Smell

Fresh vape e-juice bottles have a pleasant smell and taste. But over time, substances start to degenerate, and permanent separation takes out the smell and taste. So, if you’re vape e-juice no longer smells or tastes – get another one.

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